Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Carol of the Bells

Last Friday I posted about my favorite holiday songs and I mentioned that I love Carol of the Bells. I even had a whole playlist dedicated to it once! I received a comment asking to see it, so I thought why not? Well, I couldn't find all the songs I once had, because it had taken me years to find all the versions of the song that I loved. And with my computer crashing like it did, and me being the nar-nar that I was and didn't back anything up, all of it was lost. So I created just a little Carol of the Bells playlist on Spotify that I'd like to share with you guys today. If you know of any versions of this song that you love and I didn't put it on here, please share! I am looking to make an even better playlist this time around :)


  1. OMG! Barlow Girl is still around?! I remember them and Superchick(?) as the female answers to MxPx and The W's (well, they were often touted as such lol).
    Their rendition is beautiful though! Love all these different versions of the same song though!

  2. I found them when I was searching for some other versions of the song that had been on my old playlist. As soon as I heard it, I had to add it. Their version is really pretty.

  3. Is there a Metallica version too or did I make that up?


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