Monday, December 8, 2014

Gift Guide- Subscription Boxes

I think subscription boxes are really fun to give as gifts because you have the option of sending them for more than a month, and its always a surprise as to what's in the box. There are so many boxes out there though. These are the ones that caught my eye.

For the Paper Lover-
A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail Its a monthly delivery of stationery created by Elsie and Emma and produced by Studio Calico, so you know its legit. Available for monthly billing at $20, the price lessens if you can make more than a month to month commitment. Perfect for the letter writer in your life!

Studio Calico Scrapbooking Kits Speaking of Studio Calico, they create their own awesome boxes of goodies that they ship out monthly! They have a scrapbook kit, cardmaking kit and a Project Life kit and prices vary depending on which kit you choose.

For the Nerd-
Loot Crate (starting at $13.37 plus S&H) Probably the most popular of the "nerd" crates, but thats because it does have good stuff. Every month has a theme, and they try really hard to stick to it. Its just hit or miss, mostly based on your preferences. December's crate theme is Anniversary though, and its supposed to have a few exclusives and lots of other neat stuff.

Nerd Block ($19.99 plus S&H)This is another fun one, and it always comes with a teeshirt. Its a little more pricey than Loot Crate if you live in the States, because they ship from Canada. But whats really cool about this place is that they have a ton of different options. There are Arcade and Horror Blocks that cost as much as a Nerd Block, and then there are Nerd Block Jr's that are meant for children ages 6-11. The Jr Blocks are gender specific though, so that's kind of a bummer. They do cost less ($13.99) than the regular Blocks, but I think thats because they don't include shirts.

IndieBox For the nostalgic gamer, this subscription box offers collectible editions of indie games, with some other goodies thrown in. Their motto is "bringing back the box!" Its a cool idea and prices are about the same as the other boxes in this category. The picture below is one of the past Indie Box games.  

For the Eclectic-
Graze I love my little snack boxes. They're very customizable, you just tell the people at Graze what you like and what you don't, and they're pretty good about sticking to that. They have a variety of options for those of us that have food allergies, and there's a regular box and a lower calorie box for those that are watching their weight. Use my referral code (95LLHF2NP) and get your first and fifth box for free! Plus, once you sign up, you can start referring people and earning your own free boxes. 

Quarterly Curated boxes of things by celebrities. I first heard about it when Bill Nye started doing boxes, but now I'm hearing that Wil Wheaton may soon be curating some! The boxes range from $50-$100, and are sent every three months (or you know, quarterly). There are all types of boxes to choose from, so you could probably even find a box for that one friend or relative thats so difficult to shop for.

Barkbox If you have an avid dog lover on your hands, Barkbox might be for them! You chose the size of the dog, what type of payment plan you'd like (prices start at $29 with free shipping for one month, but lessens with longer monthly commitments), and they send a few treats and toys monthly for the dog. Plus their website says that 10% of their profits go to various animal charities.

KawaiiBox This box is full of all kinds of cute! Every month they'll receive 10-12 snacks, toys, stationery or other goodies from Japan and Korea. Its a full on Kawaii explosion right out of the box! Its $18.90 a month and free shipping worldwide.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'd never heard of KawaiiBox before. That looks seriously awesome. I might have to drop some hints to a certain husband of mine :P

  2. I love subscription boxes and have thought more than once about subscribing to Quarterly or Loot Crate. Then ABM Happy Mail came along... :) IndieBox looks good, too. What are your favorite subscription boxes?

  3. I think this is the month i check out Nerd Block and Kawaii Box! We already do loot crate but ive wanted to see these two!

  4. I've done Nerd Block Jr for a girl and it was pretty good. The age ranges were a little off I thought, but the toys were still cute. I want to try the Jr block for boys and the regular Nerd Block. And I really want to try the Kawaii Box, but I don't know if I can convince my husband that we need all that cuteness in the house lol.

  5. Loot Crate is a favorite here, and I like Nerd Block Jr. I want to try Happy Mail, but I was too late in subscribing when it first came out. I might try it after the holidays though, because I am a stationery fiend.

  6. So much cuteness in one box!! Every time I see a blog or YouTube channel that's having a giveaway for one, I enter lol. I haven't won yet, but I'm hoping.

  7. Me, too! :) I was all set to try Happy Mail but then yeah... I was too late as well.

  8. Me and some friends have a deal that we'll gift subscription boxes to each other this year (which is why I found this blog post, btw), and I'm betting they're all going to give me the Barkbox. And I'm not complaining-- I have five dogs! =) Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that this is a really cool post, Krystelle. You just got yourself a new reader!


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