Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#ShelfLove 2016 January Post: My Goals

So a few days ago I mentioned that one of the reading challenges I was going to participate in this year is the #ShelfLove Challenge. This is where you read books that you already owned prior to the start of the new year in an effort to save yourself some money and to mow down your TBR pile. You can also add to your pile responsibly (meaning, you can't spend all your money on books all the time), but library books and textbooks don't count (sorry students).

Each month also comes with a post prompt, and if you complete it, you can add it up to a monthly linky (all the details here) for a chance to win an Amazon gift card at the end of the year. It sounds like a lot of work, but what's a little work for something you love (that would *hopefully* be reading).

This month's post is just to let you know that I've joined the challenge, and that I've set a goal of reading five books from my TBR read. I purchased a good amount of books last year, with no real opportunities to read them, so this should work. I'm also thinking that five is a good number because I'm going to try and use them for the other challenges I'm hoping to complete this year, and I only have a minimal number that will do double duty.

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