Friday, January 15, 2016

Quests- Maui,Hawaii/Things To Do

Food and drinks were an important part of the trip to Maui, but what about things to do? Well, today I'll talk about a few places we visited that I guess are considered pretty touristy.

Surfing Goat Dairy:

This is a working goat farm that does tours and stuff, but we went when we were a bit pressed for time, so we didn't take one. The little goats are so cute, one came right up to my husband and started sucking his finger, and then a farm lady got mad at him and said that the goats weren't of sound immunity and people are nasty so the goats can't do that. They sell all kinds of goat milk products, including some of the best goat cheese ever! And these amazing truffles that were also sold at the vodka distillery I wrote about yesterday. They are right next door to each other, and they have a bit of a partnership (some of the truffles have alcohol in them).

Kula Botanical Garden:

This place was so pretty! It had all different kinds of flowers and trees, birds and some lizards. It was very well maintained, and there were signs along the paths so didn't get lost in there. Towards the end of our walk, we saw some guys up in one of the trees who were gathering macadamia nuts, then opening them on a rock with a rock right below it. My husband and in-laws tried it out, but I have horrible hand/eye coordination, and all I saw was a trip to the hospital for me! The fresh macadamia nuts were amazing though, and it was really cool of those guys to let us intrude (and really cool of the gardens staff to let them do that).

The drive to reach the top of this place is long (37 miles from sea level to the top of the summit)!! We thought we were going to run out of gas. But the view was amazing. You are above the clouds, its just.....amazing. I mean, there isn't another word for it. Its chilly up there, so dress accordingly. And there's a gift shop a little ways down, so if you have a National Parks Passport, that's where you get it stamped at.

That little black speck is a whale!

My husband and in-laws have been to Hawaii on more than one occasion, so they were tired of doing luaus. Instead of going to one this year, they chose whale watching as their "touristy" activity. Whale watching was fun, I was worried that I was going to get sick on the boat because motion sickness is sometimes an issue for me, but I did fine (my mother-in-law on the other hand...not so much). We saw a good amount of whales, but they were really hard to get a picture of because they were so fast. The only thing that made me go hmm was at one point our captain came back from a break (right, as we're sailing along) with two Mai Tais in his hands. Like, couldn't he have waited for our adventure to be over first? Or at least drank those were we couldn't see him doing it? But we didn't crash, so that was awesome. 

So that's it! Other than spending way too much time in ABC Stores (part convenience store, part souvenir shop, they're everywhere- like Starbucks!), the grocery store and Longs (yes- a Longs! Not CVS! That probably doesn't make sense to you East Coasters. They're like a Duane Reade, or whatever your drugstores are called, and there hasn't been a Longs here in a very long *lol* time.), we didn't do much else. Oh, we did go to the movies twice too. It was a total throwback theater. I mean, it was a Regal Cinemas (which are very modern), but the decor felt very early 90's. We saw Daddy's Home and The Hateful Eight. Both good movies for their respective genres, but not gonna lie, I fell asleep during part of The Hateful Eight. 
This is from the theater. They had lines of this stuff in the bathroom on the walls and floors. I thought it was really cool because it was sparkly (which my photo fails to capture) and a collage, and I love collages! This was next to me by the mirror, and I took a picture because Harriet the Spy is in there, and that's a favorite of  mine. 

If I ever visit Hawaii again, what are some places that I missed that I should definitely check out? 

*All photos in this post were taken by me. If you use them, please credit. Thank you!*

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