Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SlimFast VoxBox #ItsYourThing

I just love Influenster! I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but out of all the sample/review sites I've joined, they're my favorite. Not only do the products seem a little more in-tune with my life, but you tend to get bigger sized products. The catch (and this is what frustrates a lot of people), is that in order to get these samples, you have to qualify for VoxBoxes. Its hard to get them, and I went almost a year without getting anything from them, then I got the Pumpkin VoxBox and the one I'm about to tell you about, the SlimFast Advanced Nutrition VoxBox, within about a month and a half of each other.

Pictured above are the items that were included in my SlimFast Advanced Nutrition VoxBox. I've always found SlimFast products to be tasty, almost to the point where eating them in moderation was tough, and these are no exception. The drink is my favorite, I consider myself a fairly liquid person, and SlimFast shakes have always been my favorite when I'm trying to lose weight. The problem I run into though, is that I have a hard time feeling full after drinking one, so that often leaves me roaming for food almost immediately, defeating the purpose of the shake (and adding on extra calories, womp womp).

The SlimFast plan is to replace two meals a day with their shakes/smoothies/nutritious bars, enjoy one healthy 500 calorie meal, and indulge in three of their 100 calorie snacks. I don't have the willpower for this, but you might, and the SlimFast Advanced Nutrition line are pretty tasty if you're looking for a plan to try.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions in this blog post are my own.*

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