Thursday, November 12, 2015

BlizzCon 2015 Cosplay Panel

Here is my recap of the cosplay panel from BlizzCon with a few relevant YouTube videos thrown in. I needed a break from all the Legion talk, so this was the only time my husband and I split up for panels. I thought the panel was pretty cool, although I was disappointed at how the main objective seemed to be to promote the Blizzard Cosplay Reference Kits (three of the five panelists were Blizzard employees). I don't cosplay (but have a definite interest in doing so), but I thought these were good tips for beginning cosplayers. More experienced cosplayers, is this true?

Sneaky Zebra- BlizzCon Cosplay Video

The Panel:
*Keikei Day- Moderator (Blizzard employee)
*Rachel Day (Blizzard employee)
*Lorraine Torres (Blizzard employee)
*Allison Trinh
*Jordan Duncan

Rachel showed us pictures of cosplays from past BlizzCons. She talked about how the cosplays have progressed over the years. Blizzard employees have their own cosplay group.

Lorraine - Cosplay Basics

Where to start?
-Pick your project
-Do your research (She really pitched the Blizzard Cosplay Kits here)

What to Use:
-Safety equipment while crafting
-Your time wisely- manage that shit!
-Google!- techniques, pattern making, etc
-Use everything to create costumes (craft supplies, thrift store buys, etc)
-Premades/commissions (commission pieces if short on time/skill)

Jordan- Prop Building

Design, Plan, Build
-think about LEDs, wiring, batteries
-plan your molding/casting process with those listed above in mind
-use Adobe Illustrator for patterns (ability to make patterns in layers for adjustments, etc)

-shaping and scultping of pieces
-filler, primer and sanding
   -then molding:
  •      prep the mold
  •      make a mother mold
  •      cast the mold (hollow cast for weight)
  •      clean the prop
  •      paint!

Allison- Large Cosplays (she was Winston in the BlizzCon Cosplay contest on Friday night)

-shipping/trasnportation of cosplay
-personal safety in costume (fans, water, handler)
-fitting into a larger costume/form (braces/pads)

Hoop Based Costumes
-easily scaled/add or remove hoops as needed
-lightweight and collapsible
-hollow for air circulation

-plastic canvas (lightweight and not durable)
-balaclava (tight fitting and easy articulation)
-resin/fiberglass (heavy and durable)

Jessica Nigri- Deathwing Costume Creation

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