Monday, November 2, 2015

SuperKind- Random Acts of Kindness the Superhero Way!

Back in the beginning of 2014, I did a giveaway with a company called Datevitation. The owners are Alex and Olga and they make these really cool personalized love coupons. Their company has since expanded into other custom products (Sillywise), and their most recent endeavor, SuperKind, was actually created by their six year old daughter, Eva!

SuperKind is the cutest way to spread a little kindness into the world. Each SuperKind set includes 16 custom kindness cards; 16 custom stickers; and a certificate to affix the stickers. The cards and stickers are personalized with your child’s face and name. If you don't have a child, they can totally be customized with your face and name :)

Once you get your kit, the idea is for your child (or you), to perform the task listed on the card. They give the card to whoever they've just done the RAOK for, and then that person is supposed to complete that task within three days. After your child completes the task though, they get to find it on the certificate that comes in your SuperKind kit, and cover it with a sticker. Once the certificate is complete, its a nice keepsake to show how awesome your child is. If you are adulting while doing these, I think they would be fun to do at a convention. I mean, superhero awesomeness is already kind of a theme there. But if going to cons isn't your thing, doing these at the office could be fun too. Just don't be surprised if these cards show up at your retirement party. 

The Kickstarter doesn't end until December, but its never too early to start RAOKs. If you share the campaign on social media, you can get the Kindness Cards and a special Christmas Bonus Pack for free! Both are PDFs, so you can print them from the comfort of your own home (you don't even have to wear pants!!). Visit the Kickstarter page immediately for those details and make all the children in your life happy this holiday season. 

Please check out this campaign and share it with anyone you think would enjoy it! There are lots of perks too, so go take a look and let me know what you think.

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