Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Mix Up #7

Maybe a theme to these Monday Mix Ups will make them easier to do? We shall see. This week's theme is.... Fall!!! I don't get leaves that change color where I live, and its still like 80something degrees every day. So this is a (mostly) wishful thinking fall list.

Childish Gambino- Lights Turned On
1) The picture is pretty fall leaves. 2) I love this song. Who am I kidding? I love every song on the EP. He's the best. 3) I listened to EP a lot during the rainy months last year. It made driving to school in that mess more tolerable. 

I want leaves like this. Someday I would like to visit the East Coast during Fall, so I can see something like this in real life. 
Image from

 I really would like to visit Disneyland at Halloween time. Christmastime is another goal. Image from weheartit. 
Yeah, pretty much none of these things apply to Fall here (except Thanksgiving, pumpkin carving and yummy smelling candles), but a girl can dream. Image from weheartit.

Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist. Its seasonal and its delicious. 

And speaking of seasonal deliciousness, here are my top food picks:

Pumpkin everything!!! So yummy! 
Image from Elana's Pantry.

Honeycrisp Apples. I love these things! 

Holiday Seedless Grapes. These are the best grapes. 

What are your favorite fall things?

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