Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday Mix Up #9 Part Two (A Day Late)

AK's note: This didn't post when it was supposed to, so yay, I got to rewrite it and add more to the list :)

My love of Halloween is overflowing today, and in this post I'm sharing some links to other great blogs that have shared some festive, fun ideas. Use them for family movie nights, class parties or however you wish to celebrate this spooktacular occasion!

1. Party food ideas for your little ones from Kaelah Bee. Ranging from healthy to not so, theres something for everyone in this mix.

2. Halloween movie night, complete with snack ideas from the ladies over at eighteen25. How awesome is that?

3. Also from the ladies at eighteen25,  these cute doughnuts! They'll take a bite out of you!

4. Need some teevee recommendations? Check out this post from The Nerdy Girlie. I would add the Halloween episodes of Pretty Little Liars. They're pretty awesome, but I think the show as a whole is pretty awesome. 
This is last year's Halloween ad. 
Found here.

5.Pumpkin painting from MINi Style. Meant as an alternative to pumpkin carving for younger children, it translates nicely for adults. Last year my kids and I painted our pumpkins and they help up really well....like I didn't have to throw them away until February well. 

6. This family costume of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys is adorable. Found on A Beautiful Mess, it features Katie and her family of Skunkboy fame.
7. Also from A Beautiful Mess, a nice little roundup of Halloween goodness, including creative ways to eat your Halloween candy and last minute costume ideas. Search the Halloween tag for more awesome ideas.

8. Monster mouths! Have I shared this before? I feel like I have. Oh well, it bears repeating. It makes fruit more appealing (lol) to children. Found on Thirty Handmade Days, where there are a ton of cute Halloween ideas. Go check them out!

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