Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Keeping Up with the Cons- SDCC Pre-Registration and Badge Prices

I have been avoiding all the badge changes for San Diego Comic Con. They were a little confusing to me, and I worried that after all my years of trying and failing at getting badges (and then finally procuring them last year) were in vain, because the way it was originally worded, it was like they were giving up on their old system. I was like seriously, I'm going to have to battle it out again? Recently they have updated their preregistration page to include some more details that have put my mind a little more at ease. I still get to try and purchase badges before the masses, but apparently, they are randoming the waiting room. It will be open at 7am but sales won't start until 9am, and they say that your entry time doesn't matter (so rushing in at seven won't guarantee you a great spot.). I'm not sure how I feel about that. Also, every person is given a registration code, this is to avoid bots. You can only use it in one spot though, so no multi-devicing hoping for that great spot in the waiting room either. This I can get behind. I know people that try to do multiple devices for tickets to things like BlizzCon, and it bogs the system down so much that most of us have never have the opportunity to get near the buying option. Also, you're supposed to get that code from your badge, but CC is being nice and emailing it to everyone this year. Thank goodness, because my badge seems to have magically disappeared (I think my kids were playing with it, so who knows where it is now). Once you're in, you can purchase tickets for yourself and two other people. Make sure everyone has their own unique Member ID, you can't buy them a ticket without it. Also, make sure you have your credit card info ready, as you only have 15 minutes to enter all your information and purchase your badges. I know that doesn't seem like a lot of time, but if you just calm down and focus, you'll do just fine. Here is a link to the preregistration page for all the fine details, and make sure you check your Comic Con affiliated email frequently. Badge sales should be happening soon.

And if you still haven't heard, badge sales are a little different this year. There are no four day passes. If you want to attend all four days, you will have to select all four days individually (and hopefully they'll all be available when its your turn to purchase). Also, preview night is not offered as a stand alone badge. You have to purchase all four days to get preview night. It was explained that they are trying to get more people into seeing the Con. I get it. Its difficult to get into. Just breaking down they way they did, I think a lot of people had a heart attack.

I am hoping I can get badges again this year- I had a lot of fun last year (even though some of it was stressful) and I look forward to seeing what's there this year and hoping to experience more of what's offered at the convention. Are you going to SDCC this year?

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