Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WoW Wednesday- Love Is In The Air.....

Happy Wednesday everyone! The Darkmoon Faire has just ended, but that doesn't mean that the merriment has to stop in Azeroth. Its now time to bust out your heartfelt goodies and enjoy Love Is In The Air (February 10th- 24th)! This is my favorite holiday in the game (next to Winter Veil), so I am super excited. There are plenty of quests and achievements to do. Plus some pets and mounts to get as well (that Big Love Rocket is one I've always wanted).
Peddlefeet, WoW's resident Cupid.

And since Peddlefeet is in town, that means that its awfully close to Valentine's Day in real life. The newly re-opened Blizzard store has put together a cute little gift guide for the Blizzard fan in your life, with a little help from Peddlefeet himself. My favorites from the guide are:

Funko Pop! Vinyl Illidan. Because I am still a little unhappy that I 
didn't get the Shadow Illidan that Blizzard had at SDCC last year.

So that's about it for this WoW Wednesday. How do you do plan on spending Valentine's Day? Keeping it geeky or making it romantic? Or not doing anything because its just another day?

(In case you need some Valentine's. I found these on


  1. Those eCards are cute. I was trying to find a fun one for my boyfriend for Valentine's day (I got him one last year that said something like 'You make me not care about my cellphone' or something like that, making a joke at always being connected and glued to the screen) but I couldn't find any in stores this year!

  2. Ooooh! My hubby and brother would love those POP! Figures!


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