Friday, February 14, 2014

Poppin' Off- The Lego Movie

My husband and I took our children to see The Lego Movie last weekend. It was awesome! I think I enjoyed the movie as much, if not more than, my children did! The characters were really great, and Batman (Will Arnett) really stole the show I thought. There were a lot of famous voices in the movie. Superman and Green Lantern were Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, and their friendship (or lack their of) was hilarious. That bit is what Jerry Seinfeld is accusing the movie of stealing from him, but I think he's just jealous of the the movie's success and trying to stay relevant (because he's not funny and nobody cares about him). I even tweeted about it, because I think he's that stupid, and its just a kid's movie.
Anyway, Jorma Taccone was Shakespeare, and the Lonely Island actually sing on the very catchy track from the movie "Everything is Awesome", along with Tegan and Sara. I sing the song all the time, it really is that addicting. Visually the movie is stunning, and depending on your age, you will more than likely see Legos from when you were a kid (I'm looking at you, 1980's Space Guy). The merchandise for the movie is great too- the blind bags and Lego sets are cool and McDonald's is currently giving Lego Movie cups as their Happy Meal toys.

I really recommend this movie, even if you don't have children. A lot of the humor is adult, but not in a way that children wouldn't understand if that makes sense. There is a lot of truth in the movie about how life has become (which a lot of people are calling anti-big business, but I wouldn't really go that far). And like I said, Batman pretty much stole the show.

Part of Everything is Awesome and the 
rules the Lego guys are supposed to follow.
Batman's Song


  1. Oh my goodness. I really wasn't excited about this movie when the trailers came out, but everything I've heard so far has been fabulous and I LOVE everyone involved. This might be my plan for the weekend.

    1. The first few times I saw the trailer, I thought it looked really dumb. I wondered how they could make a whole movie about Legos without it sucking. But somehow, they did. Will Ferrell is a main character, as well as Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Elizabeth Banks- so they really went all out for this. And even then, when there are that many celebrities, a movie tends to fail, but this one just works.


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