Friday, January 22, 2016

Five Fandom Friday- Favorite Ways to Netflix and Chill

So it has been a hot minute since I've done one of these, and I have to say, when I saw this topic I was like, heyyyy Triple F, getting sexy on us!! Because as we all know, Netflix and chill is:
There is none of that going on over here. But my husband and I do use Nteflix as one of the only ways we get to spend any time together. He's the go-getter in our relationship- he has work, school, an airsoft podcast/airsoft events, an active social I don't get to see him too often. Plus, whatever free time he does have, we try to do stuff with our kids. Often times we eat dinner together and watch Netflix, and then its back to the grind. So here are the things we are currently watching:

Making a Murderer
We went through this pretty quickly. The story was too good. It follows the story of Steven Avery, who was found wrongly convicted of a rape after spending eighteen years in prison. He was only out of prison for like, three years before he was arrested for a murder, along with his sixteen year old nephew. I've personally formed my own opinions about it, but I love reading all the articles about all the theories and evidence. Crime shows are my thing though, I blame my grandparents for all those years of Matlock and In the Heat of the Night! You really have to wonder about some of the things in this story, like how the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office is still allowed to operate. No matter if you think Steven Avery guilty or innocent, there is definitely some shoddy law enforcement practices happening there (and before you jump on my case, I am a huge law enforcement supporter).

This is about a small town in Wyoming, Sheriff Walt Longmire and his two (sometimes, three) deputies. It was cancelled by its network at the end of its third season, then Netflix picked it up for a darker fourth season. I liked that there weren't any commercial breaks in the fourth season, and I look forward to Netflix making a fifth (although there are rumors that it will be the show's final). There is a lot of Native American culture in the show, and I think its really neat to see that on teevee. The plot lines tend to be a little different because of that as well, which is refreshing. The show is based on a series of books, and I've always wondered if the show is anything like them. 

F is For Family
This show reminds me of an animated That 70's Show, just a lot more vulgar. Its set in 1973 and the dad, Frank, has a thankless job an an airport, comes home to drink beer and be crabby. The neighbor isn't dopey like Bob though, hes a total Matthew McConaughey type. I guess its supposed to be more like All in the Family, but That 70's Show is a more relevant reference to me. Its really funny though, you just can't watch it around your children. No really, don't watch it around your kids.

Yeah, don't judge me. We're slowly making our way through the series. It's not that its a bad show, we just get sidetracked by other shows lol. But I'm thinking we'll be all caught up by the time SDCC comes around this year. And I really want to start watching The Flash, so that's a good motivator too. 

And this one isn't on Netflix, its Amazon Prime:
Rick and Morty
We just love Rick and Morty!! There are so many lines that can apply to every day situations. My favorite episode is with Scary Terry. The last episode of season two went a little dark, and I'm anxious to see how season three goes. Until then, I'll just keep watching my reruns :)

What are you currently watching on Netflix (or Hulu/Amazon Prime/HBO Go/etc)? Let me know!! And thanks to Megan and Kristin for starting 5 Fandom Friday!!


  1. Arrow's been on my queue for awhile mainly because I know John Barrowman is in it ; )

  2. And he's so good in it too :) Like you want to like him, but then you don't, but you still do...

  3. Ohhh, Longmire is the best:) I really need to watch Rick and Morty!

  4. Yes! Rick and Morty is hilarious!! And I really like Longmire, even though a lot of people consider it an "old people" show. When I think old people show, I think of shows like Murder She Wrote, but that's just me.


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