Saturday, August 31, 2013

Keeping Up With The Cons- Stan Lee's Comikaze

My name is Amanda, and I'm an SDCC-aholic. Its true. While I've gone to WonderCon the past few years, I left feeling good about it, but haven't been obsessively thinking about it. This is not the case with San Diego Comic Con.  It was an  incredible experience, and I miss it. There, I said it. So to combat this, I've read that its good to go to smaller cons, or just any con that catches your eye. Well, Stan Lee's Comikaze has caught my eye, and let me tell you why.

I first found out about Comikaze through the Golden Ticket that was given away with June's Loot Crate. I went to the site and immediately liked its vibe. But what clinched it for me was seeing that LeVar Burton is going to be a guest. If you're saying "Who is LeVar Burton?", then shame on you. Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation were both big parts of my childhood. And even now, hes on Perception, and I love love love that show! And it gets better. Yesterday I found out that Weird Al is going to be the Guest of Honor. Weird Al!!! I also grew up listening to his songs, and I even traumatized my friend's cousins once because they heard me playing The Night Santa Went Crazy to my friend.....they were still old enough to believe in Santa. Ooops. Also, Weird Al songs were played all the time on Dr. Demento, and thats what my dad and I listened to while cleaning the house on weekends. Two icons of my childhood under one roof? I have to be there.

Whats also neato is that The Topps Company is going to be there with an exclusive Mars Attacks card featuring Stan Lee! The card is limited to 2500 and will be given as a freebie on a first come, first serve basis. How cool is that? They're also bringing some Garbage Pail Kids and Star Wars cards, so thats pretty cool.

Are you going to Comikaze? Think it sounds awesome or lame? Let me know in the comments below!

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