Friday, August 23, 2013

Poppin' Off- The VMAS and N'Sync Reunion

Oh yes, oh yes. Its that time again. The MTV Video Music Awards (Sunday, August 25, 9pm). I used to love watching MTV's award shows as a teenager (back when MTV still played a good amount of music videos), everything about them was so hip and fresh. I tried watching the Movie Awards earlier this year because I wanted to see the Pitch Perfect cast reunite to do a number. Their performance drew me in, so I watched the rest of the awards show. I found the skits to be unfunny, and the stars competing for shock value bored me (Will Ferrell's Asian family....Aubrey Plaza trying to steal Will Ferrell's awards.....Taylor Lautner in a fat Maybe I'm just getting too old for MTV? I guess we'll find out this Sunday when the VMAs come on. The only reason I'm deciding to watch it this year? Two words: N'Sync Reunion.

I am a sucker for a boy band reunion, and this is a pretty big one. When other boy bands first started reuniting (Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block), people always wanted an N'Sync reunion. The problem? Justin Timberlake was against it. And honestly, he didn't need it. And neither did JC Chasez. So it never happened and never happened and then just a few days ago news outlets start reporting like crazy that they are reuniting at this year's VMAs. What?!?! So while I'm hearing that a performance still isn't official, some of the band members have been sending out pretty big hints confirming the show. While I am thrilled with the prospect of a reunion, I can't help but wonder what made them change their mind. Justin is wildly successful on his own; is he just throwing the other guys a bone, or his he really into it? Also, its rumored that this is a one time reunion. But I feel like maybe it isn't. In addition to the comebacks I listed earlier, other boy bands like 98 Degrees, The Jonas Brothers and even Hanson have reunited this year and started releasing singles again. Has N'Sync just jumped on board the Boy Band Revival Train? I supposed we will all find out after Sunday night's performance. Either way, if its just for a night or for a little bit longer, I will enjoy the blast from the past. Down below are a few of my favorite N'Sync hits, enjoy!

1) Gone 2) Its Gonna Be Me and 3) Bye Bye Bye. And I highly recommend the episode of The Simpsons where Bart has a boy band and N'Sync is heavily featured, if you can find it. "And end with a Matrix."


  1. I love the NSYNC episode of The Simpsons! I had to watch it in secret, because I was only 13 and my mom still wasn't letting me watch the show.

    1. My dad was like that for the longest time lol. I wasn't allowed to watch The Simpsons, but I would occasionally sneak an episode when he was outside doing yard work. One time I was doing that, and I went to use the bathroom during a commercial. Well, my dad had come in from outside and saw the show. I thought I was in big trouble, but it turned out that he liked it too. I was allowed to watch it from that day forward :)


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