Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Importance of Harassment Policies at Conventions

Just thought I'd share this video from Molly McIsaac regarding harassment policies at conventions. She was my favorite on Fangasm, and I really respect her opinions and her continued quest for making geek culture a safe place to reside in. I know we're all getting ready for conventions, so just take a minute to watch. I'm sure none of you are engaging in such behavior, but she does mention being more observant and vigilant if we see the behaviors going on. I have only been to a few conventions, and the comments that males make about the female cosplayers have generally been.... either damn near pornographic or down right rude (it honestly depended on how pretty the girl was). I think its sad that they say stuff like that. And I also feel angry with myself, because while they're making their horny comments, I'm often judging those girls for having their butts and boobs hanging out (silently, of course. I wouldn't say that to someone, ever.), and that's just as bad. She also included a link from The Mary Sue, which has a list of articles they've run about convention harassment and also includes a list of conventions that they know of that have harassment policies in place (sadly, the ones I have attended are not on that list). I'm sharing the link here, so you can check it out.

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