Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Keeping Up With The Cons- SDCC 2013 Part 3: Lessons Learned

Here are things I learned from this experience:

1) Buy a parking pass if you can. We spent $50 for two days of parking. Thats $50 that could have bought something neato.

2) Write stuff down. I wanted to see Nerd HQ and the Geek and Sundry lounge, and thought I'd be able to look it up on my phone when I needed to. The internet sucked around the convention center and I couldn't pull anything up. There is something to be said for paper and pen.

3) Don't bring your kids. I know mine got bored, and their boredom made things ten times more stressful for us. Plus, we weren't able to get into any panels because the kids were not going to wait in line for them.

4) Sweatshirt not necessary. I read a few blog posts that said the convention center got cold. I didn't experience that and my sweater was just one more thing I had to carry. The only time I appreciated having it was when we were stalking celebrities at the Hilton, then it was a little chilly.

5) Be polite. That sound be common sense but... People were mega rude if you didn't have your boobies or butt hanging out of a costume or if you were ahead of them in line (see my SDCC Part 1 post).  There's no reason to forgo manners. Or hygiene. People, please shower. Or carry deodorant and perfume/cologne with you for a pick me up. There were some stinky folks there.

6) One day passes are not enough. If you want to do more than just buy stuff, a one day pass is not going to cut it. Lesson learned. I will never be a one day badge holder again. Four day pass or bust!

7) Mia Moore was right. Buy a poster tube! I didn't get a chance to snag one before we left for the Con and it was a mistake. I got a cool Angry Birds poster freebie from Hasbro and by the end of the day it was destroyed. Next year I am coming with a tube, no doubt about it.

8) Find a SDCC mentor. If you know someone that's been before, see if they will take you under their wing and show you the ways of the Con. I am currently looking for a mentor myself. I missed out on so much this year, I want next year to be better :)

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