Friday, July 5, 2013

Poppin' Off- Feed Project+Target and Monsters University

So this week's Poppin' Off is another two-fer, but these things aren't really related to one another. I just really love Monsters University and the Feed Project/Target collaboration.

*There are no intentional spoilers here. But if even vague overviews ruin things for you, do not continue reading*

Okay, Monsters University. Monsters, Inc came out my senior year of high school and I fell in love with it. All these years later,and not only do I still love it, but my kids love it. So we were all really excited to hear about Monsters University being released. I finally got to see it this Tuesday and it was such a cute movie. If you're worried about it being a rehash of Monsters Inc, don't be. Aside from seeing some of the characters from the first movie, there are no similarities. It shows you Mike's journey to his first dream of attending Monsters University and how he meets Sulley. It was really surprising to me that their educational journey didn't go as planned (its really hard to talk about it without giving that part of the story away), but it also wasn't because Disney is always good for a hidden morals lesson. And there were two big ones in this movie, which I can appreciate. The first: your actions have consequences, and you better be prepared for them. And secondly: work hard, keep moving forward, and you can achieve your dreams (which is a theme they put in a lot of their movies, Walt Disney was big on that). The movie is great, it really is. I definitely recommend seeing it, even if you don't have kids.

For the past few month I had been seeing magazine adds for a Target and Feed Project collaboration. I almost marked it on my calendar, that's how excited I was (am) for it. The Feed Project was founded by Lauren Bush Lauren in 2007, and each purchased Feed item helps feed families around the world. The collaboration with Target is especially great because 1) the proceeds are going to feed families here in America and 2) the pairing with Target has brought the price point down a little bit, so its affordable for more people. I've already purchased the kitchen towels, the snack bags, and the two pack deck of cards and I fully intend on buying more before the collaboration is over. All the items are super cute, and it goes towards a great cause.

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