Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Mix Up #2

A small little list of links to help you procrastinate the start of another week.

*The June Loot Crate! The theme was Mash Up and everything in it was amazing. 8-bit sunglasses, Warhead candies, a Mario/Ninja Turtle sticker, a Deadpool Kool Aid Man tee shirt....just to name a few items. I'm hoping that they sell surplus crates because my husband isn't sharing anything that came in his lol. 

*Pixel oven mitts. So cute! I don't cook too often, but when I do, I have a tendency to burn myself. I think these would help me not injure myself. 

*Skylar Grey. Final Warning and C'mon Let Me Ride - two very different types of songs, and still very awesome. 

*These Armada Controller leggings by Jeffie. They are so cute! I wish they were in stock so I could snag a pair. 

*Color Changing Pixel Heart Mug found on Store Envy.

* I stumbled on this site while trying to find a teeshirt that Abed was wearing on an episode of  Community. I found the shirt thanks to this site! Other shows on there include The Big Bang Theory, The Carrie Diaries, Awkward, and Pretty Little Liars.

*Lazy Meadow/Desert and Hicksville. They just look like fun. Maybe in the fall though, since the desert is no place to be in the summertime. 

*Coffee cubes! I can't wait to put some in almond milk (no cow juice for me).

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