Friday, July 19, 2013

Poppin' Off- SPANK The Fifty Shades Parody

Last Friday I had the greatest pleasure of attending SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody. You knew right away that it was going to be a raunchy, sex-filled show because they were selling chocolate penis pops in the lobby before the show.

You don't have to have much knowledge past the first book in the trilogy to know whats being made fun of in the show, which is nice because I only read the first book and part of the second before I just couldn't take it anymore. For those of you living under a rock, Fifty Shades of Grey was written as Twilight fan fiction, which is very easily identifiable to  anyone that's read the Twilight series. Besides the similarities of cities (Washington based), the main female characters' clumsiness and inability to see that they're beautiful when they have all kinds of guys falling all over themselves for her, the ethnic best guy friend that wants to be more and the super controlling, orphaned rich Adonis of a man that they fall for (Batman, as SPANK! points out); E.L. James also seemed to copy Stephanie Meyers' inability to use more than three adjectives that make you want to scream "use a thesaurus bitch!" while reading and I just couldn't bear to trudge through it anymore.

The show is very low budget, but I think that's what adds to its charm. Its a cast of three, and the lady that plays E.B.Jay also picks up the small characters of a waiter, Tasha's roommate, the mailman, and the ethnic best guy friend. There are a few dance numbers done by the male lead which were awkward but hilarious, and some ladies in the audience kept yelling at him to take it all off. There was also some improv, like when a lady was recording the show (which is not allowed), Hugh Hanson told her to knock it off. And they mentioned areas and stores that are specific to my city, so it added a personalized touch to the performance. But the best part was the audience participation. The Tasha character came into the audience about three times, and the last time was the best. She picked a really drunk girl to talk to and.....the comments were so incoherent and inappropriate, it was great.

I was super bummed that Felicia Day wasn't a part of the cast, but the show was still supremely hilarious. Go see it if you can!

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