Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hello everyone! Sorry I have been absent, things have been nasty around here. The flu has been running rampant, and I have been nurse to everyone in my house. I hope to get back to regular blogging this week.

Happenings: Like I just mentioned, everyone around here has been sick. I also got the heart/blood test results back on Tuesday. Apparently I have a great heart (which is great, but I don't understand because its still acting all wonky), but I am anemic, pre diabetic, and depressed. I was prescribed Zoloft for the depression, prenatal vitamins for the anemia (and prenatals are nasty, I hated taking them when I was pregnant), and to lose weight to stop the diabetes from coming. Sounds all well and good, except I had a really bad reaction to the Zoloft. The side effects of Zoloft alone are nasty, but I accidentally took another medication I was prescribed (one for migraines) while taking it, and the side effects got worse. So I spent a grand total of three days on Zoloft before I went back to the doctor telling him I think I have serotonin syndrome because of that (I have most of the symptoms). He blew me off, they're getting worse, and I have an appointment with an urgent care center for later tonight. Serotonin syndrome is serious stuff, and can be fatal if left untreated. I think I would already be getting better if my doctor had listened to me on Friday. I am hoping this trip to urgent care can get me fixed, because all of this has been really scary. 

King of the Nerds! I am super disappointed that two of my picks have been sent home so far (Nicole last week, Katie this week). And I will let you in on a secret, I had Zachary listed on my original post as one of my picks for winner after the first episode, but took him off it before I published it because his actions in the second show were very off-putting to me. His actions since have still been very off-putting, but to be fair, I think he has a real shot at winning this season. He is a very strong competitor, he just lacks people skills. And did anyone else think that hug between Katie and Brian went on for a little long when she was saying goodbye? Is there some chemistry there? I think they'd be cute together....just throwing that out there.  

Read: Not gonna lie, I haven't been reading much lately. I haven't even had time to read magazines, how sad is that?

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  1. I hope Zachary is not the winner. He seems so mean. I've only seen two episodes, but, man...he was horrible.

    1. I wonder if he's acting like that for teevee, or if he really is that mean. I follow him on Twitter, and our few encounters on there have been nice. But on the show, I just want to hate him lol.

  2. Yikes, I've had my own issues with doctors not taking depression meds seriously. Hopefully they can get you sorted out, but a new doctor might be in order.

    And thank you for the shout out!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose had issues regarding depression meds, I was beginning to think I was going crazy. The trip to urgent care didn't fare any better, and I had to go back to my regular doctor again today because I'm showing more symptoms, but he still doesn't think its that. So we'll see how all this goes. Its so frustrating.


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